The Merc

Modern, Quick and Powerful

Perfect for UK and European Road Trips, A short Trip to The Coast or Your Next Festival– Seats 5 with seat belts – Sleeps two big ones and a little one or two!
We’ve just taken delivery of this gorgeous 2009 Mercedes Vito Sport Automatic and he’s ready to go! This isn’t the normal Mr Campervan Fit with table/sink/cooker though – This camper’s all about the bed! When the rear 3 seats are folded down the sleeping area is a whopping 6’8 x 5′! That’s as big as a king size bed!

Bookings now being taken

Hello I’m too new to have a name so I’m called “The Merc” and I’m now the newest member of the Mr Campervan fleet. My dad is all about offering variety; we have the Retro Campers, Motorhome and Micro Camper but there has been demand for a modern powerful alternative that can munch up the miles on the motorways and autobahns and get you to your destination in style and comfort.
My dad spends his life talking to people about campers, what they like, what they don’t, where they want to go and how they want to get there. In fact he pretty well talks of nothing else (Mother calls him a ‘dreadful bore” :-)” From these conversations he’s found that many people don’t use the camper to cook in/sit in as they eat out or have a BBQ. What they do demand is a lovely camper that gets them from A-B effortlessly and has a super comfy bed – and that’s what I’m all about.

I have been designed like some of the new VW Campers whereby you pop the tail gate and in the back you’ll see cubby wholes and storage areas packed full of all you need for al fresco cooking. I have couple of portable gas stoves, a HUGE cool box and I mean HUGE, that plugs in to the rear and is kept cold all the time the engine’s on. When you park up you simply plug in to the sockets when you’ve hooked up and carry on chilling.
I’ve two 20 ltr water canisters tucked away and a bowl for a bit of washing yourselves or the dishes. As with all of dads campers, I’ve a kettle, cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, pots and pans but I also come with an awning that goes on the back or side and a few camping chairs so you have a good sized living area once you’ve parked up.

Well that’s me, I’m flexible enough to be whatever you want me to be and go where you want to go. When that miserable Autumn weather hits the UK why dont you head down in to the south of France? Go get that European Road Map and start planning a bucket list road trip!
Give dad on a bell on 01634 789162 and he’ll sort out the detail>


Pricing for The Merc

Duration Nov – Feb Mar-May Jun-Aug Sept-Oct
Full Week 7 Nights £395 £445 £495 £445
Long Weekend 3 Nights Fri/Sat/Sun £295 £325 £395 £325

For 7 nights plus – long hire discounts apply please call for a price
Prices quoted for UK trips – surcharge applicable for European Journeys -Please call for a price.

Pick up 1pm-4pm drop off between 9:30am and 11am. Call for other times.
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