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Q – What paperwork do I need to hire a campervan?
A – We need a proof of address dated within the last two months, a utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement, HMRC letter etc. (something official that has been posted to your home). The driver/s need to have their driving licenses’ and their National Insurance numbers so we can run the licence checks. You need to bring these with you on the day or you cannot travel.
Q – I don’t have a very good credit rating, do you credit check me before I can hire a campervan?
A – No, not at all, as long as you have the afore-mentioned paperwork you’re good to go and enjoy the campervan life.
Q – I don’t have a clean licence. I’m guessing “computer says no”
A – We appreciate that stuff happens and we can insure anyone between the ages of 23 & 75 that’s held a full UK licence/EU licence for 2 or more years. As for points, as long as you have 6 points or less then you’re good to go.
Q – I have a full licence but not from the UK/EU can I still hire a camper?
A – Give us a bell or e-mail, we’ll speak with our insurers and see if we can get you on board your chosen camper.
Q – I really want to go and tour France or somewhere else in Europe, can I?
A – Yes & No. No in our retro Vdubs but new for 2016 we will have a more modern Ford Campervan that we will be happy for you to travel to EU countries in. Call for details and keep an eye on the website as he’s coming soon!
Q – Are Campervans hard to drive?
A – Not hard, just different! Unlike modern vehicles whereby you just “point and steer”, you actually have to drive a camper but that’s half the fun. Most don’t have power steering so you’ll come back having had a good workout ☺. In the main our customers have never driven one before either so you’re not alone. We do a thorough handover where we explain to you all you need to know and if you’re particularly nervous we can arrange a little test-drive a week or so before you travel (as long as the camper’s not out on hire of course)
Q – Is your insurance fully comprehensive?
A – Yes we are underwritten by one of the UK’s largest vehicle insurers.
Q – It’s unusual to see a hire company that doesn’t take a large, refundable security deposit from me, why don’t you?
A – Quite simply we just don’t think it’s fair. Some people don’t have a “spare” £500-750 on a debit or credit card to set a side as a security deposit. We trust you to look after our campers.
Q – But what would happen if I did inadvertently damage the camper?
A – The biggest cost to you ever, irrespective of the damage, would be the £500 excess on our insurance policy. As we are an ethical company, if the damage caused could be fixed by our partners or us for less than £500 we would only charge you the amount that it’s cost us to repair the damage. At the end of the day we are not here to profit from anyones’ misfortune so stop worrying and start chillin (no G :-))
Q – Do you show us how to operate the vehicle and it’s contents.
A – Yes, all customers are taken through a detailed handover that lasts around 30 minutes. You are then given a folder to take with you covering the key points and we are always available to answer any questions that you may have whilst on your trip.
Q – Do the campers have electricity for hairdryers, heaters, straighteners etc.?
A – Yes, all our vehicles come with a 240V hook up cable. One end attaches to the vehicle and one end to the campsites electricity power supply. We strongly recommend that customers book a pitch with hook up at your chosen campsites for the best experience. Obviously if you’re in the middle of a field with no power supply then the answer is no. Each vehicle does have a leisure battery but the supply from these is finite and only really suitable for phones/tablets/lap tops
Q – Do the campers have heating in the cab?
A – Tommy, Arthur and Mya do. Kirstie is having in-cab heating fitted ready for this winter. Ciara and Becky do not. If hiring in the winter we suggest that you wrap up warm. We do put a small electric fan heater in to the campers so when you’re hooked up at your site you can plug the heater in and you’ll soon be nice and warm.
Q – Is there water on board?
A – Yes all of our campers have a small sink with running water. Although the water is from the mains we do recommend that you bring bottled water for drinking.
Q – Is there a fridge on board?
A – All our campers have either an electric fridge or electric cool box. You do need to be hooked up to a mains supply at a site to use these.
Q – Can we charge our phones/tablets?
A – All our campers have a either a stereo with a USB port for charging sat nav/phones or a small inverter with a USB port so you can charge from the on board leisure battery.
Q – Can we park our vehicle at your premises?
A – Yes, we have a secure compound and you can leave your car with us. We may ask that you leave your keys in case we have to move your car to get a campervan in or out.
Q – What happens in the event of a breakdown?
A – Our entire fleet is covered by the RAC and each camper has an RAC card on board. (Full details will be given at the handover)
Q – Do the campers have bedding?
A – If you have ordered a bedding pack at the time of booking we will supply two pillows, a quilt and a sheet. If not then we suggest that you bring sleeping bags/quilt, sheet and pillows. In winter when it’s very cold it’s not a bad idea to bring a hot water bottle with you.
Q – Do you supply drive away awnings?
A – No we do not at present.
Q – Do you have bike racks?
A – We have one 2 cycle carrier that fits Kirstie/Ciara and a one that fits Becky /Arthur. We will fit the carrier to the vehicle but it’s you, the customers responsibility to affix your bikes to the rack (in case they fall off, I don’t want you to blame me) 🙂
Q – My question hasn’t been answered here?
A – Drop us and e-mail, text or call us and we’ll soon answer any query that you may have.