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Mr Campervan was founded in 2014 by myself, John and my friend and business partner Phil. It’s an idea that’s been muted for a few years but last year we both decided that we’d served our time in corporate and we were going to do something more uplifting

Why Retro Campervans though? Well, they’re drop dead gorgeous and super cool for starters. Secondly, they don’t go very fast! We live in a world of super fast this and super fast that and there’s a real longing now to step back to a time when digital didn’t consume our every waking moment!

We believe that chipping along in a campervan at 50mph when everyone else is at breakneck speed is what it’s all about. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be famous you soon will as everyone waves, smiles and wants to come and chat to you. A-list status awaits you!

If you don’t like being the centre of attention just pull your beanie down, put on your shades and listen to the kids in the back saying “God you’re just toooooo embarrassing”.

We’re having the warmest summers on record; we live on a stunningly gorgeous island, so throw some clothes in a bag and come and have some good old retro fun with Mr Campervan.